Prayer for Finch

Oh Lord, you are the resurrection and the life.

You have promised that we who believe in you,

Though we are dead

Yet we shall live;

And that we who live

And believe in you,

We shall never die.

You are our Shepherd,

Therefore we lack nothing.

We lift up our eyes to the hills

From whence comes our help.

Our help comes from the Lord

Who made heaven and earth,

Who leads us into green pastures

And brings us beside the waters of comfort.

Except we become as this your child

We shall not enter your kingdom.

Receive this child,

Your servant, Finch,

As you would have had us receive him,

And conform us to him

That we may one day stand together with him,

United in the presence and fulness of your joy.

We commit the body of this child to the ground,

Knowing that he shall hunger nor thirst any more.

For the lamb who is on the throne shall feed him

And lead him to fountains of living waters

And shall wipe every tear from his eyes.

God our Father, Father of mercies and giver of comfort,

Deal graciously with we who mourn,

That, casting our cares upon you,

We would know the consolation of your love.

And give to us to endure and persevere to that day,

When this casket will be shattered,

And these clothes will fall away,

When we shall be clothed,

And be changed,

And made like him,

Beholding him face to face.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,